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Tvær mjög stuttar sögur í Tímariti Máls og Menningar


Pulsur náttúrunnar (og önnur vonbrigði)

Collection of short texts and poetry.

Published by Tunglið forlag in 2021


Music -  Thought instigator - Volume 1

The book was originally published by Útúrdúr in 2011 but is now out of print so I have made it available here below for your enjoyment

"Music - Thought instigator - Volume 1 is a book about music. However, it is not book about music theory, history or music or such, but rather a collection of ideas and "thought instigators" that can be used by anyone and in any way. It focuses not on what music is or has been, but examines the potential of music and what music could become. On each page an entirely new concept is introduced and some of its fundamental features are explored. These are ideas that expand our understanding of various elements such as context, time perception, representation and presentation of music, illusions, distraction, memory, audience interaction with musical structure and various ideas that have, so far, not been prominent in music. It opens up the possibility of a larger context for music and expands the very concept of music itself. Through reading the book we discover how our ideas of music are narrow and limited and that our definitions of music easily fit inside a small airless box. The book is a sort of guide to new paths, or at least new starting points and references. The book benefits both those who want to tread entirely new paths, and those who are willing to experiment with the expansion of pre-existing boundaries. The book consists of imagery and explanatory text that is clear and direct and each page aims at saying as much as possible while attempting to be minimal, open and never dictating. - Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson"

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